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Why invest in Solar?

Energy costs are constantly rising

The Big Six energy suppliers have raised their bills by 60% in the last 10 years. Stop being dependent on large energy companies!

Get the most out of your solar panel

Installing a solar battery will allow you to use all of the solar energy produced through your solar panels

Cut down on your energy costs

You could save by producing energy more efficiently by using a solar battery

Reduce your carbon footprint

Start doing your bit for the environment.

*Earnings from solar panels depend on various factors (e.g. the location of the property, the position and slope of the roof, the power system of the solar panels), and therefore they vary. £8,080 would be the total earnings over 25 years, including £4,940 from the government tariff. A figure of £8,080 was obtained using the Energy Saving Trust’s Solar Energy Calculator, and is based on the following criteria; north London postal code, EPC Band D or better, 40̊ roof slope, none or very little shade, south-facing roof, and 4kw power system. After purchase and installation costs of £6,700, the profit would be £1,380. The 50% energy saving was based on figures from the Energy Saving Trust. As of September 2015, there have been 772,696 solar installations in the UK according to government statistics. The new Feed-in Tariff is active as of January 15th 2016, and is updated quarterly. All price information based on feedback from our commercial partners. Energy savings taken from the Solar Trade Association.